Tim Howard became the latest brand ambassador for TAG Heuer replica

TAG Heuer replica proudly announced that the United States national men’s football team and the Colorado jet team goalkeeper Tim Howard (Tim Howard), become the latest brand Ambassador TAG Heuer.
Recently, Tim Howard led the US national men’s soccer team, aspirations in 2017 in North America and the Caribbean region Gold Cup champion. He is the United States national men’s soccer team history, the most watched goalkeeper, so far for the team out of 118 games, and in 2010 and 2014 World Cup soccer tournament with the main goalkeeper.

In 1998, Tim Howard signed the American Professional Football League (MLS) subway star team, opened his career. After six seasons, Tim Howard moved to Manchester United. Tim Howard played in Europe for 13 seasons, has played for Premier League top club Manchester United and Everton. In 2016, Tim Howard joined the Colorado jet team.
“It’s a pleasure for Tim Howard to become a Taj Mahal brand ambassador, and professional football goalkeeper needs to have extraordinary courage, and Tim is one of the most brave players.He is doing well under pressure,” said Kilian Muller, president of TAG Heuer’s North American president. It is TAG Heuer “Don’tCrackUnderPressure” # under the weight of the spirit of the perfect color of the perfect expression.
Tim Howard added: “It is a great honor to be the Ambassador of TAG Heuer, one of the most representative luxury replica watches sports brands in the world.We share the pressure to focus on the value of excellence and excellence, which makes the partnership I am looking forward to working together.

TAG Heuer replica brand ambassador Kai Lenny completed the Swiss adventure tour

Water sports prodigy, in the challenge of the world’s largest wave of seven times won the world vertical paddle surfing champion, TAG Heuer replica brand ambassador, Kai Lenny (Kai Lenny) to complete the Swiss adventure tour.

As a talented, versatile athlete, Kay Lenny specializes in surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and vertical paddle surfing. In April, he traveled to the Hawaiian Islands, running for the improvement of the environment. The American surf master, with a wingspan paddle across 50 miles between two islands of Hawaii, calls for public attention to plastic pollution.
For this visit to Switzerland, Kay Lenny promised to soon be in the series of video for the public to present many surprises, so stay tuned.